Word 2016 Intermediate – 1 Day Course


At the end of the course the delegate will be able to:
Use and modify bullets, numbering and multi-level numbered lists. Create and format tables. Use borders and shading. Work with complex page setups including columns and multiple sections. Create and manipulate headers and footers. Create letters, labels and envelopes using Mail Merge. Add content to a document automatically. Use hyperlinks to link to other documents or web pages. Create and modify templates.


MOS Certification Path
Attending this course in conjunction with Word Advanced will help you prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam. If you wish to book a MOS exam please contact us by email or on 020 7837 2690.

To be able to use a mouse, work within the Windows environment and have attended the Word Introduction course or be familiar with core Word functionality, namely document creation, editing, formatting and saving.

Bullets and Numbering

Applying bullets and numbering dynamically and retrospectively
Modifying bullets and numbering characters and styles
Creating a multi-level numbered outline.

Working With Tables
Creating a tableAdding and editing text content
Adding and removing rows and columns
Adding and removing borders and shading
Merging and splitting cells
Applying auto-formatting to a table
Applying custom formatting to a table
Converting text to a table

Working With Templates
Automating and reusing document content
Creating new documents from existing templates
Opening and modifying existing templates
Saving a document as a template.

Working with Drawing Objects
Inserting ClipArt and other images into a document
Using text wrap
Image formatting
Using Word Art
Inserting, formatting, moving, resizing and deleting drawing objects
Grouping draw
ing objects
Adding text boxes.