Financial Assessment – Local Gov e-learning course



This Financial Assessment and Care Act training will give officers the latest information, legislation and guidelines.

This course is ideal for both new financial assessment officers who need to understand how to determine the costs of care, as well as more experienced staff who need a refresher and update on all the changes since the introduction of the Care Act 2014.

As well as covering all the key legislation relating to financial assessments – such as eligibility, the application process, income and expenditure – the course provides an update on the national changes under the Care Act 2014, ensuring that financial assessments are carried out correctly and within the law.

By the end of this Financial Assessment and Care Act training, you will be able to:

  • Carry out a financial assessment for care and support applications.
  • Explain the key changes to financial assessments under the Care Act 2014.
  • Describe the referral process and eligibility for care.
  • Gather appropriate evidence to make an assessment.
  • Calculate income and capital.
  • Determine household and disability-related expenses.
  • Issue correct notification letters.
  • Explain the billing and recovery process.
  • Set up deferred payment agreements.

Who should take this course?
There are no formal requirements for this course; it is suitable for both new staff or as a refresher course for more experienced officers.