Assessing Earned Income for Housing Benefit – Local Gov e-learning course



Tackle the major cause of housing benefit income errors, prevent subsidy loss and comply with the Right Benefit Initiative!

Improve the way you approach and calculate housing benefit income assessments, as you learn how to process earned income from employed and self-employed earners.

By the end of this Assessing Earned Income for Housing Benefit course, you will be able to:

  • Confidently approach and calculate earnings for housing benefit
  • Improve your accuracy and customer service
  • Apply earned income to new and existing claims
  • Avoid common pitfalls when calculating earned income from wage slips
  • Work out an average from any frequency of payment
  • Learn how to treat redundancy, termination, retirement and non-remunerative work
  • Choose an appropriate assessment period for self-employed earnings
  • Accurately convert gross profit to net profit for the HB calculation
  • Learn how to apply notional tax and NI’s to self-employed income
  • Apply changes to earned income at appropriate times
  • Improve your knowledge of the regulations relating to earnings

Who should take this course?
It is particularly relevant for Housing Benefit customer service officers; appeals officers; team leaders; managers; subsidy officers; and staff involved in the HB decision making process.