Understanding Universal Credit – Local Gov e-learning course

Ensure that you are fully up to date with Universal Credit and understand the key differences between the live ‘gateway’ UC scheme and the full digital service, and how this will change the way you work. Designed specifically for local authority staff working within benefit services, customer services and welfare advice.

By the end of this Universal Credit for Local Authorities course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key differences between the ‘gateway’ UC scheme and full digital service.
  • Explain who the eligible claimants are when moving to a full area.
  • Explain who will be worse off moving into a full digital area.
  • Understand the impacts of full service, including the risks, impacts etc.
  • Compose a UC calculation and explain all the different elements.
  • Understand the managed payment process in relation to rent arrears and vulnerability.
  • Identify the differences between UC housing costs and Housing Benefit.
  • Explain when third-party deductions can be applied to UC and from when.
  • State the conditionality of the claimant commitment and possible sanctions.
  • Understand the various ways UC can be treated as income for Council Tax Support.

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