Office 365 Basics – escalla Minis Video Tutorials

Minis Videos: Office 365 Tutorial Bundle

New to Office 365? Want to learn new features or refresh your existing knowledge?

This Minis Office 365 tutorial bundle makes it simple to learn the basics of this latest Office suite.

Get instant access to our range of focused, easy-to-follow tutorial videos, each under two minutes long.

You’ll enjoy guidance from an expert trainer for completing the common tasks and challenges facing Office 365 users – giving you the knowledge you need, when and wherever you need it.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 has brought us a new way of working in Office. Beyond a routine update, Office 365 has taken a major leap into cloud-based, multi-program working, compatible for the 21st century.

With this Minis video tutorial bundle, you will learn to perform common Office 365 tasks, including:

  • Signing in to Office 365
  • Opening Applications with Office 365
  • Changing Passwords in Office 365
  • Customising Office Start Screen in Office 365

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